17 februari 2015


Webster University is an international university with 9 campuses on different continents.

We follow a life in a day of 6 international students of the Leiden (the Netherlands) campus.

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The international character of Webster makes in a culturally divers school. The universe uses that quality to teach their students a broad worldview. We show that unique quality up close.

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We show a day in the life of different Webster students and alumni. Each has a different cultural background, followed a different course and had a different life. Showing this, we show the global diversity of the university on a very personal level.

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In stead of creating 6 videos with no clear relation, we started in pre-production to create a unified format for both the content and the look all the videos. The result is a complete marketingtool for Webster to communicate both the content of their courses and the unique qualities of their university.

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