17 februari 2015

Taste Ethiopia

Moyee cofffee is pioneers the concept of Fairchain coffee production, where the complete production takes place in Ethiopia. Not just the farming, but also the roasting and packaging. This way, the economical profit remains at the source.

We set out to show that source.

See the process naar-eindresultaat

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Whoever’s home you visit in Ethiopia, whenever, you’ll be welcomed with a coffee ceremony. This ceremony is prepared by the woman the house. She roasts, grinds and serves the coffee. In no other country in the world, coffee is so thoroughly intertwined with the people.

Idea naar-eindresultaat

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We abstractly visualised the experience of drinking a cup of real Ethiopian coffee. In a journey from Jimma to Addis Abeba we looked for everything that gives Ethiopian coffee that unique heritage.

Outcome naar-eindresultaat

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From the beginning we chose to immerse ourselves in the country, rather than showing it from a distance. As a mini crew, equipped with guerilla camera equipment, we went everywhere. From the coffee fields to the street cafes, barber shops, workshops, football fields, markets to mountain roads, just to name a few.